The absurdness of reality TV…

Hello (:

I know that watching the X-Factor may be frowned upon by many of my friends, for reality TV is a total JOKE; however I must admit the x-factor is one of my guilty pleasures! (A) Some contestants are truly awful/annoying – no doubt about that, and often it seems that the show is a fix… Which it may just be. And then there’s the dead concept of the battle for the xmas number one which has been DESTROYED by no other than Mr Simon Cowell. I do hope that the dreary pattern of constant x-factor number 1’s will be broken once again this year! Joe McElderry, the poor winner of last year’s comptetition, was out-sold by the raging fans of RATM, we all know that! HELL YEAH. However, I do feel sorry for the guy; he’s only – what, 18? 19? You can’t question the loveliness of his voice (and face ;D), but I do think it was right for the “RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE FOR XMAS NO.1” campaign to go ahead – what a bloody brilliant idea!

Let’s do it again this year! What song? HEY-YA by OUTKAST! I reckon you should “like” this little page on facebook… it’s kinda dead atm x]

But anyway, back to the x-factor. I only really watch it for the pleasure of viewing some of the contestants faces…. (*insert a teenie comment about Harry Styles here*… but I will not, for if I did that nobody would ever take me seriously!) So here’s a little poll (:

Tonight’s final will be interesting! MATT  CARDLE FTW ❤