Don’t Underestimate Biffy’s Amazingness.

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Ok, so I don’t know about you guys, but last night, my Facebook was bombarded with X-Factor statuses. Some squealed with happiness; others roared with rage. Sounds familiar? Well sorry to re-tell the events of last night, but it can’t be helped when all around you there is talk of that show. And it’s music business so it has to be told (:

So… the winner of this year’s Scam-Factor has now been announced: Matt Cardle it is! Having covered Biffy Clyro’s amazing “Many Of Horror” (casually changing the title to “When We Collide”…. GAH), Matt Cardle shoots to the top of the charts virtually overnight. On BBC 6 Music, Cardle said, “…it’s amazing and I hope that Biffy aren’t hating on the fact that we did it. I know there’s some Biffy fans out there who are just like, “What have you done to that song but I hope I’ve done it justice” – well personally, I hate to admit but… I think he did! Come on, the X-Factor may just be a stupid fixed scam for Cowell to get his hands on some serious cash, but you can’t deny the fact that Matt Cardle can SING. (No doubt that Biffy’s original is the best – you can NEVER beat the original. Apart from Muse’s “Feelin’ Good”, but that’s another story…. ;D)

And Cowell’s a smart guy – I’ll give him that.

What I hate about the X-Factor though is how they CHANGE the contestants – especially the winners – and it’s almost like a mockery of the other contestants who didn’t quite make it. matt may have won, but in a way, I sort of feel sorry for him now. The poor guy’s gonna have to deal with a whole load of changes; they’ll probably make him abandon his acoustic guitar and the stubble and the cap, too. Basically they will Americanize a decent chap who was only looking for a boost, having played some local gigs with his guitar but never really getting anywhere. poor Matt. Wagner should’ve won. At least Cowell would get a kick up the butt.

It’s obvious to any person with a half-decent music taste that the charts are dead anyway, but at least some half-decent music could find its way into the charts at Christmas…? Nope, fat chance. The show has secured yet ANOTHER xmas no.1. What has the world come to! I actually think it’s quite unfair for our generation, because I for example never really had the chance to experience the “battle” for the top spot during the festive season. Before 2005 I wasn’t really that interested in music – or maybe I was, but as a result of living in another country, I didn’t actually know what good music was ;p But if you see what I’m trying to say here – most people wouldn’t have had a very good orientation in music before the age of about 12. And when I got to 12, what happened? Oh, the X-Factor took over. God help us.

Oh oh oh, but I think it may still be possible to knock Biffy’s beautiful song (sorry Matt) off the top spot! Anyone heard of the “Cage Against the Machine” campaign? Lots of artists got together in a London studio to do… nothing x] They recorded silence; now that is a spiffing idea! John Cage’s 4’33” experiment of recording absolutely nought. I think it’s quite amusing actually! Link please? Okay (:

I think that shall be it for today! I’d appreciate it if you dropped in any comments (: You’d be my favourite person (people) ever and will get a cookie…