MUSE – Wembley Stadium 11/09/10


I was pretty high up...

So. I’m sitting here, thinking “What can I write about?” So I thought – ah! I could do some gig reviews!

And since Muse are my favourite band ever ever EVER, it seems like a good start to write about the show that I had been anticipating for almost a year.

November 2009 and the tickets were booked. In 10 months’ time, a few of my friends (also fellow Musers) were to experience the most immense show known to mankind. Or at least, to my ears. Funny that – my first ever gig and it was an outsold show put on by one of the most influential bands of my generation, at Wembley Stadium, attended by near to 80’000 people. What bloody high expectations I were to have for any future bands I were to see!

Anyway. 10 months flew past like dust particles in a hoover, and around August the real countdown began. One month to go… less than a month…. 2 weeks… 1 week… 3 days… SEPTEMBER THE EFFIN’ 11TH.

With every tube change that we made en-route to Wembley, more and more Muse t-shirts appeared. Very soon on the last change-over, not only the tube was filled with fans, but when we arrived at the glorious arch the whole path leading to it was crowded with Muse fanatics. I was in heaven.

Walking into the actual stadium was really something. Never before had my young eyes seen a venue so huge; it was vast. We walked up the stairs to find our seats (row effin’ 43 – the very last! But we had a whole area to ourselves, I’ll give them that!). Sat, waited, sat, bought food, sat, waited, got drinks, waited… I Am Arrows!

They were… alright! Well. Good enough to get me interested further. Not the best, but “Nun” is a great song!  A nice little show then… more waiting.

White Lies were certainly worth the wait, however. I thank Muse so much for introducing me to this awesome band (whom I will be seeing next Feb 😀 Expect another review!). There is something about their songs that really moves me, can’t quite put my finger on what it is. Maybe because most of them are about death? Idk. I’d recommend  “Death” – what an epic song. Linkage? And even better? The Chase & Status remix of it in 720p. JIIZZZZZ.

*Ahem* anyway, back to the concert. Biffy Clyro up next: shirtless and hairy. Not a sight you want to see, but at least the music is brilliant! I was never really a fan until Wembley – perhaps Simon Neil’s Jesus-like appearance convinced me? Or perhaps not…

More waiting. And waiting. And wai..- oh wait. It’s UPRISING, and the stadium growls in uproar! The trio take their places on the funny-shaped stage (current background of this blog btw) whilst random people with random flags walk around it and off into the standing throng. The show has begun. And what a show!

Supermassive Black Hole up next – my heart sinks. Fantastic song, but when you’re a girl at a Muse concert and dancing to it, everyone around you automatically assumes you’re just another Twihard. Hell. At first I refused to rave to it but before I knew it the bass penetrated my heart and my body just gave way to it. It was GOOD.

Then some not-so loved new stuff from their latest disappointment of an album, The Resistance. It’s okay though – the song being played was MK Ultra, which has a riff to die for! …okay, so it’s not quite Plug In Baby, but it’s enough to get the audience and myself into a good mood. My mood was soon bettered by Map of The Problematique – possibly one of the best songs out there! I was elated.

“Bllluulupulllupulbblulupulp” <– Yup, that’s the sound of Bliss. And what bliss it was ;D (ahh lame puns :’D) It was pretty hardcore while it lasted, however soon killed by… Guiding Light. D:

D: D: D:

You hear the drum. You hope for CE but…. nope. It’s GL. Mehmehmehmeh. But I suppose the lovely display of random ribbons and confetti that flew up in the middle of it made up for the shiteness of the song. But do not worry! The awful song (which actually sounded better live than on record and made me rate it one star up on my iPod!) was followed by various riffs I’d never heard off, smoothly plunging into the bass-hype of Hysteria. Nomnomnom. Chris. Nomnomnom.

My elation then lifted. Because not only Hysteria is a beautiful, beautiful song, but also because something even more beautiful followed it. Yes. It was Citizen Erased – only a track with 7 minutes of musical heaven trapped inside. It was enough to suddenly make me so proud to be a Muser :’)

Then Chris is at it again, throwing some sexual basslines in Nishe, which, apart from Fury, for me is the best B-Side EVER. Intense, but… unfortunately not for everybody and the trio quickly had do perform something a bit more… grand by their standards.

And grand it indeed was. The Queen-esque United States Of Eurasia then woke up the stadium, pleading for punches to be thrown into air, screaming “Eura…SIA – SIA – SIA – SIA”. What I wouldn’t have done to be one of the standing lot then…

Sticking with the piano but turning a tad more melancholy, Ruled By Secrecy reverberated through the venue, bringing me to tears. Bellamy is not only the master of piano, guitar, vocals, lyrics and every other aspect of music that has ever existed. He is also very clearly GOD.

Feeling Good was a MUST, and I was happy to hear it being played! There is nothing better than singing an off-key “YEAH freedoooooom is maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaine!” when no one around is able to even hear it. Win.

MK Jam? Or something along those lines, according to To be perfectly honest, I fail to remember this section. Anybody attending the gig – care to fill me in? I must have disappeared into my own world again. Eek. I’m sure I came back fairly quickly though – just in time for Undisclosed Desires and the weird, flying platform that levitated above the standing audience. Again, I would have killed to be them D:

Then came a monster of a track – one of the more decent ones of The ResistanceResistance. (Sorry, couldn’t help myself!) I actually do quite love this track, it’s so catchy! Showbiz-speaking, not so great – but great in The Resistance terms. The little piano riff was followed by another piano riff; this one from Starlight. Yay – the return of THE FLIP in THE VOICE! “Hoooooooooold you in myyy arms” is one of the best-sung Muse lyrics ever.

Then I made out the House Of The Rising Sun riff, executed with perfection, as expected. The booming Time Is Running Out followed it, making everybody scream along with the “How did it come to this? ooooohwayy-aaay-aayyy-ayy-ayyaayaaay”. Teehee ^.^Then the funkay sounds of Jimi Hendrix’s Voodo Child and…

Unnatural Selection. Yaayayay! A slightly Stockholm-Syndrome orientated track with a darker feel to it than most of The Resistance which really set the bass going once again!

It's a UFO goddammit!

Unfortunately, the concert is coming to a close. Fortunately, one of the two encores are played! First up, to soothe the throat of the audience (as well as Matt’s), Exogenesis Pt. 1 (Overture) is played – and accompanying it is a UFO. Yeah. Wait, WHAT!? Yes. You heard it. A UFO with an acrobatics person hanging upside down from it, doing… well, acrobatics. It was pretty IMMENSE.

They couldn’t do it at V? They did it at Wemb-er-ley. (I’m a poet; I don’t know it….)

But the calm of the symphony couldn’t last long; it’s a rock gig after all. The cellos were soon abandoned for Stockholm Syndrome, getting the audience (and Chris) to do what they do best: HEADBANG. YEAAAH. Then some other riffs. That’s why you’ve gotta love Muse – all the random riffs. Borrowed, stolen, made up – but all bloody genius.

Encore no.2 and the trio re-appear in… interesting gear. Matt, with his glowing suit and bright blue spectacles; Dom in his shiny lycra outfit (or was he wearing it all through the gig? I don’t even know, I was sat too far!) and give us the spiralling sounds of the government-hating anthem of Take A Bow. ❤ And a Muse concert would not be a Muse concert without the one and only Plug In Baby, because it crucifies all their enemies! (okay I’ll stop with the stupid puns here, I promise). Scrap the description of MK Ultra; THIS is the riff to absolutely rip out your eyes out and swallow them whole for. YEEEEE.

I have a friend who left at the end of that song, mistakenly thinking it was the end of the show. How wrong he was. He missed out on THE closer: Knights Of Cydonia! Being the band’s opened for their Wembley show back in ’07, I think KOC has more power when it’s closed rather than opened with. It’s a beast. What a beast.

So here I draw my 1500+ word review on the most immense gig I have ever attended and will probably ever attend. It’s a shame that I never had the chance to attend earlier gigs – from what many fans say, their earlier gigs were much more intense; now they’re focusing on being BIG rather than being AWESOME. After watching the Wembley ’07 DVD (which I have my friend to thank for; I’ve been hunting for it for months on end!), I sort of wish that THAT was the Wembley gig I’d attended; not this one. But I guess you can’t have everything.