14th of December, and my advent calendar (yes, I’m cool enough for one) has sat unopened since the 2nd of Dec. Why? Oh, because I’ve been spending all of my time analysing some of the albums released in 2010!

Well not really, but as the Grammy’s creep towards us and the current year draws to a close, it makes sense to look back on some of the releases – some being godawful, others being exceptionally fantastic. I have always wanted to make a countdown of “The Best Albums of *current year* – so here’s my chance! But I can’t do this all on my own… (“I’m no superman…. *wooooohhoooohoooohooooh*” I watch way to much Scrubs :|)

So here’s how you can have an input into this year’s.. um.. “Awards”. Vote for your favourite album in the poll and maybe drop a comment to say why! You have until the 25th of December to vote – after that, I shall be writing some reviews on the winning releases 😀

If there is any album that you feel should be on that list – drop us a comment! But please note that though my music taste may be quite broad, “Tinie Tempah” and the likes of such probably won’t make a good suggestion, since these consist mainly of rock/indie/alternative stuff…. Sorry, Bieber fans :\