[Download] R.E.M – “Discoverer”

I love getting free music! Even better when that free music is legal, too. It is true that nothing in life ever comes for free, so technically, downloading R.E.M’s taster track off their upcoming album isn’t exactly free… Well, money-wise it is. Of course you have to be a fan – so appreciation for the band is your form of payment! You can get the free download HERE. As to the track itself – well, it’s R.E.M so you can’t get much better than that tbh! The new album will also have some peculiarly named tracks on it, such as “Alligator Aviator Autopilot Antimatter” (for some reason the title reminds me of Sufjans Stevens’ “Decatur, Or Round Of Applause For Your Stepmother!” though somehow I doubt they will sound alike in any way.. :\) or “Mine Smell Like Honey”…. what smells like honey? leave us pondering, why don’t you…

Speaking of free downloads, apparently illegal downloading is on the rise again. Some 8 million people obviously don’t want to keep the music industry functioning properly! Alright, so none of us are saints when it comes to getting hold of our music, but is it really acceptable to never buy your music? If you are a fan of the artist and want them to keep on producing new material – why steal from them?

I admit – it may be so much easier to say this rather than actually doing it. Sometimes you only want one track of the album, or you’re only beginning to listen to that artist’s music. Buying stuff from iTunes, as well as other sites is just effort… Yeah I know, we’ve all been there. BUT there is a solution; in fact there are many. WHY else do you think sites such as Myspace or Youtube or Spotify exist? To listen to music for free but to do it legally. GAAAH. This obviously means that you can’t take that music with you, but if you like the artist enough, buy that goddamn album. Just like the ever-inspirational Haley Williams of Paramore (who alone is enough to make me feel a little lesbian-y at times…) said during the second O2 gig in November ’10, “Keep on going to concerts; keep buying your favourite bands’ CDs and merchandise. Never stop supporting music, because there won’t come a day when music doesn’t support you”. THANKYOU HAYLEY, now get in my bed.

Slightly off topic, but here’s a song that is currently in my head a lot (: