Have yourselves a merry 2011.

[NOTE: The “Best Album of 2010” poll has now been closed, the results are in, and you can expect the write-up sometime in the near future ;D Already working on it!]

Two weeks have gone by and I haven’t written a word. Do not be forced to think that this is a result of pure laziness – rather, a two week holiday during the Christmas break! So I’d like to begin by wishing y’all a fantabulous new year (:

Alright, so I am of course fully aware that you are expecting a post about music on a music blog, but do you honestly expect me not to mention any aspect of my lovely Christmas holidays spent sunbathing on a Lanzarote beach? nah, didn’t think so., Therefore excuse the long rant you are about to read – or completely give it a miss, whatever ;p

I have now seen enough nude people to last me a lifetime. Trust me, I’m being serious. After having settled on a beach one day, my suspicion was aroused and I was starting to have my doubts as to what TYPE of beach it actually was… Supposedly family-friendly, but nudist. D: What makes it even worse is that it wasn’t just that one beach; my life would have been a thousand times better if it had been. But it wasn’t. EVERY single flippin’ beach was like that. You know, I wouldn’t have complained so much about the nakedness if it were young, fit males worthy of feasting my eyes upon walking around. The reality was far from it though: the average age of those males (worryingly, as well as females :S) was well over 50 – wrinkly genitalia all around you within a 1km radius is not a pleasant sight! In fact, I was starting slightly uneasy with the looks we were being given for wearing a costume. So this is what you get for keeping your bits covered and maintaining your dignity…

I almost started to miss normal, fully-clothed people of England.

And since this is a music blog, I feel obliged to mention that I missed one of my most prized possessions, too; my beautiful Clavinova! The first time ever I placed my fingers on her keys, they fell on three particular notes: it just couldn’t have been a chord other than a D chord, that of Butterflies and Hurricanes. My instinct immediately ushered me to name this beautiful object Bells – after the Great Matthew James Bellamy, of course – who else! Tell you what though, two weeks without one’s piano may drive one utterly insaaaaane.

Speaking of Muse – imagine my surprise when on the Spanish radio I unexpectedly heard the first bars of Exogenesis: Symphony Part 1 Overture. Wait, WHA? Yeah. I know. FIRST of all, Muse don’t EVER get played on the radio, unless it’s Kerrang or, occassionally, Radio 1. SECOND of all, if Muse DOES get played on the radio, it’s either SBH or Starlight or something, NOT Overture . WTactualF? Idk. I give up. All I know is that my ears greedily gulped down the beautiful sound in no time.

However, this occurrence did lead me onto this thought: Why aren’t foreign songs ever played on the English radio? Alright so obviously they’re not very popular over here, but isn’t it almost… selfish? I don’t know how to word that correctly. But over in Poland, half the songs played on the radio were foreign, it was always a mixture. About half of them were polish, others were English, American, French, Russian, whatever. There was always a mixture of languages. Most of the main English radio stations, on the other hand, fail to broadcast any song not written in that very language. Why! Are we just so used to hearing our own music that we can’t possibly BEAR to listen to a foreign song and not understand it; does that make us selfish? Lazy? Or is there just not enough foreign artists which would be known well enough to be played on our radio stations?