[Download] The Peasant Dramatic – Sleeping Golden October

A quickie! I have recently (okay, very recently, as this was only a couple of days ago) discovered a nice little band called The Peasant Dramatic. So perhaps they’re not quite so little, as the group seems to comprise of no less than 9 members!

Being more of an indie person, I wouldn’t have expected myself to like these guys and their  folky sounds. However, having said that, I must mention that I am quite a fan of Mumford  and Sons and they’re quite a folk band too. So perhaps if you like M&S (mehehe), you may  like The Peasant Dramatic (: Perfect chillaxation time!

Drums, piano, cello, trombone – they have it all. I would personally recommend “Good Witch” and “Flood”.

Oh, and the best bit? THE ALBUM IS ANOTHER FREEBIE 😀  Sleeping Golden October is available to download by following this link (:

Happy listening ;D