Move over, iPod. The PLAYBUTTON is here!

After hearing the news that HMV is to shut 60 of its stores in the Uk and Ireland following a 20% loss in their profits (hell yeah I sound smart 8D), it becomes clear that the music industry is DYING. WAAAH.

Well, so perhaps we already know that most people are now getting bored of CDs and are turning to digital downloads. Others are just Spotify-fanatics. But, as much as I love Spotify I guess I’m amongst those, who prefer to physically own the album on CD. Everybody knows that the fashion of physically purchasing CD’s is receding; the many predicted closures of HMV stores nationally just proves this.

But fear not, mis amigos. There’s a solution on the horizon!

Ever thought of buying music in a badge? No? Well, you have now. The Playbutton! A lovely little innovation that lets you listen to an album as soon as you buy it. It’s a musical badge. Literally.

The Playbutton?

A mini MP3 player; just with songs already loaded onto it. I hear you ask, “How much would this quirky little gadget cost me?” – apparently, around £10, so just like your average album. Sweet!

The article linked to this image also talks about another aspect of albums: the order of songs. Seeing as this badge comes with only 256MB and therefore no “shuffle” option, it may not appeal to everybody. But I find myself agreeing with the article; isn’t the ordering of songs on an album something that only the artist should decide upon? Isn’t it a great power? I believe so. You know when one songs ends and it blends into another one… (I really should know the technical term for that, being a GCSE music student D:) … yeah well THAT. THAT is one of the most beautiful things about listening to an album in perfect order, as the songs tend to make SENSE together when they’re played together. Well, sometimes they do. Arrgh, do you understand what I’m attempting (but failing greatly) to spit out?

So. I stand by my belief that this is something that needs to visit music stores SOON, as I can’t get my greedy little hands on one! Any opinions? (: