Guitars on the Lowe…

Before I even begin writing this entry, I should like to apologise for yet another insight into the world of NME… My blog is starting to look like a cheap rip-off of that magazine! Sorry 😦

Well, the reason I mentioned NME is because today’s topic hadn’t entered my head until about half an hour ago, when it was triggered by a couple of articles from this week’s issue (which, btw, hosts the White Lies on the front cover :D). They talk about the current mainstream music that is being played on Radio 1 and, needless to say, how guitar-driven music has slowly disappeared off the daytime playlists. Same old story, really – we all know that. These days, the moment a new track comes along that has a bassline or rapping or is accompanied by a worryingly sexual and/or controversial music video  – POW it devours its way to number one.


But guitar music is far from dead; amongst the mass-produced poop that steals alternative music’s former frequent airplay, guitar music is indeed very much alive.


NME’s article talks about Zane Lowe’s unexpected take-over of Chris Moyles’ usual morning show one morning last week. I can easily imagine that to have been a welcome surprise, as Moyles’ show normally lacks new and exciting music – it’s the same shite over and over again. And, to be completely honest – the man annoys my life! (I hope it doesn’t sound hypocritical if I admit to have been a regular Moyles’ podcast listener once upon a time, but I have the (still valid!) excuse of being mildly amused by the show’s gang, not the man himself! ‘Comedy’ Dave makes me smile sometimes :D).  But anyway, this post isn’t supposed to be about Chris Moyles, it’s supposed to be about Radio 1’s “alarming lack in diversity”. They used to be such a good station, what happened!?


I guess this is because most teens today listen to utter crap – yeah, I said it, cos it’s true! Now and again you might hear some Mumford & Sons or WL or KoL, but no other bands will get any decent airplay. But what about awesome British bands that have no hope of ever being played on mainstream radio whilst it’s overcrowded with mass-produced music from over the pond? Apparently we are just in that (dreadful) part of the cycle – soon we will all get bored of R’n’B and move onto something else, and then that ‘something else’ will get overplayed and we’ll get bored of it, then the next…- you get the drift. One of the “heads” at Radio 1 said that “Radio 1’s job is to play a broad spectrum of music relevant to our young target audience and if you actually take a look at our playlist there will always be a variety of music genres including rock, indie, pop, urban and dance. But right now most of our target audience have a pretty limited interest in indie/alternative guitar music”. Yeah shut up. Stop prioritising pop over decent music.


So, because this was a rather lengthy post, here is a little vote:


Here is Zane Lowe’s favourite track of the week: “Shot yourself In The foot Again”, by Skream and Example. Being quite a Lowe fan and slowly getting into dubstep, this song is really quite good! “Commercial dubstep”, as some would call it…. But it’s greaaat.

thanks for reading (: