Hello (:

This is going to be a rather unorganized post, sorry about that! I just really feel like writing, but have nothing specific to write about… Hence this might be a bit more of a personal post!

So I came up with an idea of doing a weekly playlist kinda thing? Idk, some music to sum up my week or something, I could do it every week? (This is probably the most pointless idea in the universe  but come on, it’s Sunday and my thinking cap is running out of steam!) Perhaps this is just because of my addiction of creating Spotify playlists… x]

I don’t know about you, but creating Spotify playlists is so much more worthy of my time than struggling over integration problems in maths D:

Also, random links that caught my attention this week – might catch yours too? (: (+ some Sleigh Bells freebies! woo!)


‘Till next time, then (: