[Download] The Farewell Circuit (some EP’s)

Theme change! I thought this blog was turning a little messy and all over the place, so I decided to tidy it up a little. But I’m still not convinced D:

Anyway, today’s post will be about a certain band called The Farewell Circuit – a group I have only stumbled upon today actually, but am glad that I have!


I have to be honest with you – I am genuinely confused as to how many members there actually ARE in this band. But they make calm music. And to my ear, they sound rather Radiohead-like (check out “the Bottle” , “if you Go” and “Like A House On Fire” – if this doesn’t sound like Radiohead, then I don’t know what does D: ).  These guys aren’t particularly mainstream, and I guess that’s what draws me towards them – mainstream kills artists, that is FACT. As to what they sound like – well… their myspace informs me that they draw their influences from Radiohead, The National, The Acorn, Lovedrug, Death Cab For Cutie, Sigur Ros, Coldplay and U2 – not only are those some of my favourite bands, but their influences really to seem to seep through in TFC’s songs!

If you like piano, acoustic guitar, xylophones and calmness – this might be for you (: Also, BONUS!! – How could I inform you of a band without linking you to some freebies? ^^ You can download a couple of EP’s here: http://thefarewellcircuit.bandcamp.com/ If you’re feeling generous – pay! But you can always get it for free (:

Personal favourite song though: “The Inexorable March of Time“. It’s so… idk, lovely x] Sort of reminds me of a calmed-down Two Door Cinema Club?

And their myspace if you wannah: http://www.myspace.com/farewellcircuit