I See Skins.

Skins! The program we all love! It’s back! And it’s… shitier than ever.

Well. If the first episode was an episode from a different program, perhaps it could be considered decent. But this is Skins! I can’t quite pinpoint what it is that I didn’t like about this episode; but quite frankly, it is easy to decide which was better: the start of Series 3 or the start to this series…. Yeah, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.. ^^

Meet the new gang!

Series 5 gang.

I won’t actually reveal much of what happens, in case you have missed it – though you haven’t missed that much! So this episode is about a girl called Frankie, who doesn’t fit in the new school in any way at all. Is she a lesbian? I don’t know, that’s not clear, but the characters in the program seem to think that she dresses like one! Without sounding like a lesbian myself though, I quite liked her clothes…

But not as much as I loved Series 1 (and 2!) and Cassie’s clothes πŸ˜€ She made me smiiile :’) And Naomi’s clothes were quite cool too, in Series 3 and 4… But this is no fashion blog – so I will turn to an aspect of the episode that is slightly more relevant to what I should be writing about (:

The first change you notice is the title-track. Much more electronised, much more dancey? Completely different to the previous title track alterations – perhaps a bit too much of an alteration in this one, methinks. Btw, the guy responsible for the title tracks (and also quite a few tracks used in the program) is a guy that goes by the name of Segal: check out his Soundcloud here! Some of his tracks are actually quite interesting; what makes life even better is that you can pikey some of them for free ;D Check out “Your Mum” (peculiar title… peculiar “song”!) or “The Line”. There so many others, but I haven’t bothered to listen to them all yet…

One of my favourite tracks of the whole episode was Aeroplane – We can’t Fly. I have actually never heard of them or this song, but thanks to Skins – I now have ^^ You can always rely on Skins to provide you with good music! Another good song was the ending track: British Sea Power – Waving Flags. This track I must say I have heard before, but BSP aren’t really a band I listen to. But after having had a listen to some more of their tracks, I think I might be growing a liking (: Apparently, they can be compared to Joy Division, and, they’re Β British! Woop for homegrown bands πŸ˜€ (ironic coming from me though, being a proud Pole… but shh!)

I think that will be all from me for today (: Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

And here is some BSP if you can’t be bothered to click on the links… (: The song is called “Who’s In Control”.