Once again I find myself in the tricky situation of having to explain myself for my lack of writing D: I’m sure you didn’t miss me much anyway; I am starting to feel rather concious about the decreasing views per post these days! 😥 Must mean that there is something wrong with my entries, so if you have any suggestions on how to improve this waste of space, I’d be glad to take them on board the ship! 8D

I guess the lack of interesting news in the music business is stopping me from writing. Though having said that, the Grammys happened recently, didn’t they! Not that I watched them, though it sounds like a shame to have missed the much talked-about eggs-travagant (meheh) entrance of Lady Gegga…. (oh dear, I promise you I’ll stop now…). I didn’t watch them, so I won’t have much to say about them 😛 I know Muse walked away with a prize for the best album or something? Which is weird because, well, frankly, it was rather shite. But meh, save this debate for another day!

On the other hand… BRITS! Okay, so I won’t try and make out that I watched the show, because quite frankly I was too busy revising FSMQ mathematics (which, btw, can suck my non-existent balls >.< ). So no, I didn’t watch it in full, only some parts. However I must say that I JUST happened to switch on ITV at the point where Mumford & his gorgeous Sons (I know they’re not his sons, shh :P) were about to give a performance :’) There are no words to describe those beautiful men; absolutely stunning. There is not a negative word that springs to mind when the mind wanders towards the sounds of “Sigh No More”, the album which granted the folky quartet the Best Album Of The Year award :’) This performance: so real, so full of emotion :’) so full of… candles? And that growl! Marcus, marry me.

I cannot believe I’m saying this, but fair enough to them being outvoted by Take That in the Best British Group category – Take Shat have, unfortunately, been around for years, so obviously they have the most long-term fans. But HOW that justifies Biffy Clyro’s not winning, we will never know.

Laura Marling humbly scooped up the award for Best British Female – so highly deserved! WHO in their RIGHT MIND would even CONSIDER placing Cheryl Cole in the same category!? The girl is magnificent; similar to Mumford and Co with their humblesness :’) Having watched Bieber’s acceptance speech (yes, I sat here, watching the clips on the internet, literaloling at his half-hearted attempt at acting surprised…). The pre-adolescent wanted to “thank all my fans… over here, you guys are amazing”, and half a million girls around the globe jizzed. I am proud to admit that I was not one of them.

After an extensive list of people to thank, (God knows what for), I’m surprised Beaver didn’t want to thank his pet beaver for helping him get to where he is now.

Also, this picture made me LOL a little :’)

Because her pianist obviously doesn't have a name.

So, I feel that perhaps my rant on the BRITs ought to come to an end, for I have been told that my posts have a tendency of being annoyingly long D: For those of you who missed the show last night, like me, you can catch most of the clips on their website, or follow this link 😀