But I’m in Italy!

Surprised? If you’re one of my close friends, you wouldn’t be expecting a post right now, as you would know that I am currently far away in the land of Italy, attempting (and most likely failing) to ski 😀

I actually have nothing music-related to share with you, but I’m writing to check out the “publish at a set date / time” feature ;D

I am guessing that today is Monday and that most of you are either sitting at home and pretending to revise but really you are reading this blog, or livin’ it up in Slough Town wid ya mates. But preferably the former…

Me, on the other hand… By this time, I have probably already managed to break my left leg, sprain my right wrist and gain three bruises on my right arm. How do I know that? I don’t. But with my tendency to fail at life, such injuries are inevitable when you put a Kaja onto a pair of skis and send her flying down a slope. Not a good scenario.

Farewell, my friends; until next time! When I return, I shall write a proper post ^^