No Relevant Information Whatsoever.

Hello world (:

My half term was quite amazing, thanks for asking. I emerge in one piece from the distant mountains of Italy, having only managed to fall three times during last week’s skiing trip! My epic stacking skills were put to great use on the very last – and embarrassingly un-steep – slope, where I somehow failed to keep my balance and… well, yeah. You get mah drift! At least it wasn’t caught on camera… I hope :O Perhaps next year I will retain a greater amount of dignity when it comes to not falling over in front of everybody…

Courtesy of Megan Leverington, faanks!

Eurgh, I’m sorry for going completely off topic of what this blog is supposed to be about; but would you really expect me to come back and not share anything?

Also, in other non-musical news; I am currently a very happy person.

Also, in more musical news, though none at all – I was browsing Radiohead’s website, and came across this link: . It’s a rather interesting, if not a little unsettling, perception of what climate change can do to London. It’s mostly edited photos; but nevertheless, they made me feel slightly queasy. I think they’re displayed in the Museum of London until this Sunday – there, a bit of useless information 😛 But seriously have a look, as those images are quite alarming in what they show about the state of London if climate change continues the way it is right now. Meh.

Apologies for the unmusicalness of this post, but I have been tucked away from civilisation for a week! Till next time then, when I post something more relevant (: