I Hope You… Remember Me!

If you have been reading my blog, you may or may not remember my mentioning of going to a White Lies gig in London, back in February. Well that never happened. I had a ticket, for heaven’s sake! But I guess things don’t always go to plan in life, and we can’t have it all.

My promise shall be kept, however, and I shall link you to a half-decent review of their concert on 10th Feb at Shepard’s Bush, written by a friend of mine. (When I say “friend”, I mean he said this about me: “I would highly recommend beating the crap out of said person if you see this on their site”. Wow, I have never met a more lovely and genuine person -___-). So as not to get the crap beaten out of me, here is a snippet of it (:

“Finally, the White Lies came on. The first two songs almost acted as a warm up, getting everyone into the feel of the concert, and introducing us to the flavour of the evening. There were all the classics, “Farewell to the Fairground”, “Death” and even the suprising but brilliant, “E.S.T”. Not only this, but some brilliant new album tracks from “Ritual”, and some older gems from “To Lose My Life”. I was surprised at how well “Power and Glory” was converted into an excellent live track, which really got the crowd going, and everyone dancing. This was the penultimate song, followed by their lead single, “Bigger Than Us”.”

So close to the stage....

I’d recommend reading the rest of the review (no, this isn’t just a way to boost said person’s views…. ahem :P) at http://colmhmurphy.blogspot.com/, under the 18th Feb entry. Have fun reading ;D

Colin Firth as King George VI

In other news though, last night I finally got round to watching “The King’s Speech”! It was a… satisfactory film, I’d say. Don’t get me wrong; the plot was interesting, Colin Firth’s performance was exceptional and some bits got me laughing out loud, however I don’t see how it managed to win so many Oscars and things? Or maybe that’s just my perception, as I missed half the film due to other reasons!

So as I sit here, eating the 3rd raspberry-topped rice cake in a row (the stuff is ridiculously addictive >.<), I may have to finish this post as it’s getting a tad long. Cheerioh!