It’s The End Of The World As We Know It.

If I had to comment on how simultaneously terrifying but relieving the concept of the world ending seems to me, I’d be here for eternity. Here, let me sum it up for you: Japan’s earthquake is merely a starter before the feast; nuclear pollution due to nuclear power plants blowing up is simply going to increase with the increase of such natural disasters; we’re all gonna die anyway. Joy.

My heart does, however, go out to all those that were (and continue to be) affected by the earthquake and its aftershocks. Japan is going to have to work quite hard to pick themselves up again 😦

This is only the start, but in a strange way, the end of the world can’t be much worse than death itself, can it? What I mean is that we’re all going to die at one point or another; surely it would be even better to all die at the same time (cue “To Lose My Life“!) – surely it would only spare the feelings of those that suffer when their loved ones pass away, but they stay alive? I was having a similar conversation with my best friend recently; we established that if the human race was going to be wiped out like the dinosaurs, then let it happen. Perhaps we should stop being so selfish and keep trying to save our race by silly things like trying to create life on the moon – if we’re destined to vanish, then we’re gonna vanish for chrissakes. Does it really matter?

Apologies for turning all depressed and philosophical on you, but it’s been quite a depressing day – not just personally, but globally, with the Japan situation. A little bit of brightening of the mood? Sure.

In other less depressing (though I guess it’s still kinda depressing!) news: I am once again missing a concert I had the ticket to! Two Door Cinema Club, playing at the Roundhouse tonight, and look – deja-vu! I am not there. At least the recipient of my ticket will hopefully enjoy it 😀 ^^