[MP3] Canterbury – Thank You

I must say, I was quite chuffed to find this in the post today:

A little note.

A band that goes by the name of Canterbury sent me this; 4 lovely guys that let me use their photos for my graphics coursework, hahahh! The reason I received this (a handwritten envelope and all) was presumably because I chose to donate £5 to them for downloading their album, instead of getting it for free ;D

I have not posted anything about non-well-known bands for a while now, so I guess this post will be dedicated entirely to Canterbury. How I first came across them? God knows xD Perhaps I was searching for freebies, – like I always am! – and came across this band on Myspace. Heard a couple of songs first, (“Friends? We’re More Like A Gang” and “Gloria”, I remember this distinctively!) and decided to follow the link to their website to get the free downloads: http://www.canterburythankyou.com/thank-you/

Their Myspace, if yarr interested: http://www.myspace.com/canterbury

…and their Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Canterbury/8435584964

Canterbury - Thank You

It’s interesting how it’s always the unsigned bands that are worthy to make an effort to listen to; very often more so than the better-established acts (the likes of Boys Like Girls, for example? Nothing against them; their songs just lack variety to the extent where every one of their tracks sounds the same to me :/ ). Where would I place them? Difficult question, BUT they did support You Me At Six last year, so perhaps if you like them, you might like this bunch, too. I like Canterbury. They’re a Surrey 4-piece, consisting of James Pipe, Luke Prebble, Mike Sparks and Scott Peters – whose autographs I now possess, muahaharr >:D

This song is one of my faves! Guy in the white top (Luke?) = :’D

And so is this, hahah.

Chars for reading (: