Apparently, “My Propeller” isn’t about HIS propeller.

The story of Arctic Monkeys: a bunch of teens from Sheffield with a passion for loud, rowdy music full of guitar riffs and shouty vocals. In 2006, they scored themselves the fastest-selling debut album in the history of British music and have been making great music since, making them one of my favourite bands of the 21st century.

But are they still so great?

After 2009’s “Humbug”, a new album (which they have euphemistically called “Suck It And See”) is to be released on the 6th June this year, and ofc we were all quite excited to hear the new singles. First up was “Brick By Brick”, which…well, I’m not sure whether we’re supposed to be disappointed with or appreciate the change in the sound! It’s so… I don’t know, different? In a good way, but also in a bad way! Strangely, the guitar seems to have some Oasis influence, and the whole sound seems to belong in the 60’s or something. This wouldn’t be a bad song if we were talking about a 60’s band though, or Kasabian. But we’re talking about Arctic Monkeys. And this is really not the Arctic Monkeys we know and love.

That aside, the next single, called “Don’t Sit Down Cause I’ve Moved Your Chair”, offers us a somewhat more positive outlook for the new album. There is more of the “Humbug” sound, but I am still not entirely convinced. Yes, the track has more actual lyrics than “Brick By Brick” does, and the guitars are nice and heavy, but… I really don’t know. Why the Kasabian-ism!?

Clearly, the album will be influenced by Josh Homme of QOTS (his vocals will feature on a few tracks, apparently) – which could be either a good or a bad thing, because obviously QOTS are also an equally great band, but somehow I’m not looking forward to the idea of an even further removal from the 20 year-olds we once fell in love with. Nothing will beat the genius of Alex Turner’s storytelling in “When the Sun Goes Down”!

Eheh, and click here for a little treat to all ya AM nerds out there 8D