One hears wedding bells!

In the spirit of the Royal Wedding:

Royal greetings, y’all minions ;D Doubtlessly, there will be millions of silly bloggers out there who will make some sort of comment about today’s wedding – and my sincerest apologies for being one of them! – though how can you blame me, when you’re bombarded with “WILL 4 KATE” everywhere you look…

:') Her dress!

My TV had been turned on since around 8:15am, and already the preparations coverage was in full swing – unintentionally, I found myself glued to the screen for the next hour, resulting in having breakfast / getting dressed / brushing teeth to all happen in the living room. Too bad I wasn’t one of the millions watching the most important part of the ceremony but, inevitably, I was sure to catch some of the countless airings of the highlights from the day already – and it’s only just gone 4pm. The vast media coverage of the events will mean that in a couple of days time, we’ll all just get sick of hearing the names, “William and Kate”. In fact, I suggest not naming your child William or Kate, just for the sake of your own sanity.

However, to try and keep this post at least slightly relevant: I often wonder about the wedding march. I am so used to hearing the Polish wedding march that when I first heard the British one, I was startled to hear that it’s very different! Why are they different? Is it just the British one that’s different, or is it Poland that is being the anomalous nation? Or is it the whole of Europe? I would research this, but I confess – one quite frankly cannot be bothered to move one’s royal butt out of one’s throne.

Also, I havent posted a poll or anything in a while, so I might as well: