Megamusemania and Kate McGill.

Heyho. Random update, but my lone ventures across the web have led me to discover this blog: It is the daughter blog of “Random Musings Of A Curious Mind”, which, if you have caught the Megamusemania pandemic, you should probably be familiar with by now!

Bellamy in flight

The reason I am talking about “300 Words About Muse” is because this is where you can post anything you’ve wanted to say about Muse, condensed in a post of 300 words. So of course, I have done just that! Read my post, if yarr interested in my Muse ramblings ;D

On a completely different note: as we all know, there are countless budding new artists on Youtube, mySpace and the likes, who post covers and/or their own songs – some better than others, but songs nonetheless. I stumbled across this one girl called Kate McGill a couple of weeks back through listening to Mumford+Sons covers. And wow. I can only be jealous of her voice. And bathtub.

Check out her Facebook here, and (yay, free moosic!) you can download one of her songs for free ^^ (Oh and btw, no I do not know this girl personally, but spreading the word about good acts is what I’m here for ;D)

Toodlepip (: