YEAAAHH freedoooooom is miiiiiiiiiiine!

I honestly don’t know where I find the time to blog amongst the haystacks of revision that I still need to do! One thing I could not be happier about is the finalisation of my music GCSE, for EVER! YESS. I won’t go as far as saying that taking the subject is a decision I regret (well I do, but I only slightly; I blame the teacher!) – but I am most certainly glad that it’s now over! If only I were in a different school, perhaps I’d opt for a music A-level. But definitely not whilst I’m here.

Haven't seen anything more beautiful :'D

I can also very honestly say that my love of Bells (*ahem* name of my most prized possession in the whole wide world, i.e. piano ❤ ) has been somewhat deteriorating over the past two years. You know why? Because everytime I sat down to play something non-GCSE related, I felt like I was wasting time. Of course in reality I wasn’t; but it certainly felt like if I didn’t concentrate on composing a piece (well, two) for my coursework, I might as well not be playing. What an evil subject, music GCSE. But now I am freeeeeeeeeeee :”’D Speaking of freedom and playing whatever I want, I eventually plucked up the courage to post a cover on youtube x] Woop for 9 views!

Also, speaking of Radiohead (Yes, I do realise I wasn’t speaking of Radiohead….), I was recently on their current website when I came across THIS. It’s an actual mindf*ck! I swear to God I was left feeling more confused about anything and everything than I’d ever been before. In fact, I’ve just clicked on it again and I’m further bamboozled. Have fun wasting the next hour or two…

P.S. Never order anything from America. The shipping costs are INSANE.

P.P.S. Unless you live in America.