Music Videos made by Cardiographs.

Wow. If you’re a blogger but not on WordPress (I’m looking at you, “Blogger” bloggers!) – you are missing out on possibly the coolest blogging development in the recent months. I’m ridiculously excited about this whole “full screen – Just Write” feature on WordPress; in fact, I’m quite sure it’s abnormal to be so excited about such small changes that non-bloggers will even see / care about! But, the screen goes all blank and there are no distractions and you can pour your heart out without even realising you’ve started rambling and went completely off-course of what you were supposed to write about in the first place. Wait, did I just…

Yeah, I did just go completely off-course. So, to bring this post back on track: if any of you guys are XFM listeners and want to scoop up a bunch of decent albums, here’s your chance! Vote for 3 songs/artists to be played over the upcoming Bank Holiday, and if they are one of the top 500 votes, they shall be played. You probably won’t win anything. But voting is fun.

Someone please lend him a hairbrush.

Also, newsflash. Doherty is in jail. Again. For posessing cocaine – again. Awh come on, Babyshambles were awesome; Pete himself being admittedly quite talented. *Sigh* Talk about the rockstar life…

Also, I found this video a couple of days ago and have an urge to share:

I have never heard this song before in my life but my take on the video is that it’s quite a masterpiece. Take a simple idea of a cardiograph and make a whole music video out of it. Genius. The song isn’t too shabby either.