Sing For Absolution!

Looking out my window is like staring at the cover artwork of Absolution; bodies flying up all over the place! Everybody, Our Time Is Running Out!!

But obviously: not quite yet. Now, I don’t fancy to be riding on the Highway To Hell; in order to be climbing the Stairway To Heaven when the world ends, I’m not openly going to voice my opinions out on a public blog, just in case God decides I don’t deserve to receive my Little Piece Of Heaven, but… OLOLOL :’)

Despite a strong urge to state how much of a joke all these supposed rapture predictions are, I shan’t reel this ship off course! This may not be our Last Night On Earth; quite frankly, it seems that I am still Waiting For The Rapture, when we can all become Rapture Riders. WHEN will it come!? Bring on the Apocalypse, please! But when it comes, we’ll have a Big Mess on Our Hands… no Swedish mafia will be able to Save The World. Where is the Jesus Of Suburbia when you need him!?

But will tomorrow come? Who knows. Tomorrow Never Knows! Luckily, the Beatles do.

I’m saving the big guns till last, of course. Like a Final Countdown, tbh (or, should I say, Like A Boss?) But guys, let’s face it. It’s The End Of The World As We Know It. And I feel fine (: