Monkey Literature.

Hey guys!

What a fantastical day, I’m sure all you year 11’s out there will agree. NO MORE ENGLISH!!…wait, that’s unless you’re taking language as A-level. Or literature….or both. I am most likely to not be alive by the end of these two upcoming years (I am definitely not going to be alive if 2012 sees another ehm, “rapture”!), no thanks to my taking up both language and literature! Don’t get me wrong; I love the subject – why else would a bookworm like me be comitting to two additional years of what some would describe as “torture”! – it’s just that I can’t bear the thought of the AS exam if I consider the GCSE one to be stressful already. Gah. I hate exams.

Apologies for having gone completely off topic, but the finalisation of the most dreaded exam (apart from FSMQ….and graphics…and history KILL ME NOW) has an elating effect on me! ^^ Not to mention bumping into someone I haven’t seen in ages, and a nice little trip to Asda (“the reader gets a taste of how poor this particular blogger’s social life is: to the extent upon which she gets excited by the prospect of going food shopping at the local supermarket…”) eheh.


Though I did manage to snatch an issue of Q, whose front cover sports a very eye-pleasing image of one of my many rockstar husbands, Alex Turner. THANK GOD, the boy finally invested in a pair of scissors to trim that limpy and wimpy mop of his. I haven’t read the article on those sexy monkeys as of yet, but I shall write about it in due time! This Q issue also contains some stuff about the Strokes YES. I must admit, I’m on a bit of a Strokes roll as of recently (picked up Angles today, happiness!!) so I am looking forward to sharing my views on the album! Speaking of which, I cannot WAIT (to be king!…*ahem*) for the new Arctic Monkeys album! June, hurry up your ass.

That is all (:
EDIT: Happy 70th birthday, Bob Dylan!