I watched, I listened, I told.

In the midst of exams, it is difficult to stay focused when trying to revise; in fact, I could easily say that the only reason I’m writing today is because I’m simply straying as far as possible from my physics textbook! However, I find that one of the most powerful solutions for concentration is music. Some people simply can’t bear the thought of revising in silence; I seem to be one of them! Parents and teachers always say to “find a quiet spot away from distractions”, as if silence wasn’t a distraction in itself. It’s like your brain is unable to absorb new information unless there is background noise. Obviously, not the screeches of Enter Shikari or whatever (unless that helps you concentrate, Idk…) – I’m talking acoustic vibes of the watchlistentell channel on Youtube.

Nothing, and I mean nothing stands a contest against the beauty of acoustic music. Conjoined with guileless back-garden performances filmed by a nature-tinted camera, the power of acoustic really hits home. What watchlistentell does is capture artists and bands at their best: whilst being creative. Using railings and/or floors and/or cardboard boxes as drums, xylophones instead of keyboards and the standard substitution of an electric to an acoustic guitar. Better still, a ukulele or whatnot. Passion and talent shine through these performances and really make you wonder about the absurdity of the charts. Today, and always. It should be about the amount of emotion artists put into music, not SFX.

So that’s my thought for today: revision aid. Acoustic music. I watched, I listened. I’m telling (:

Below is a video of Two Door Cinema’s laid back performance of “Something Good Can Work”, but I would also recommend these:

Villagers – Becoming A Jackal – this song is unbelievable. No joke. It’s.. wow.

Florence + The Machine – My Boy Builds Coffins – I want to marry this girl! and her voice.

Stornoway – I Saw You Blink – flawless performance, which is getting me hooked on Stornoway.

Bombay Bicycle Club – Dust On The Ground – personally prefer this acoustic version to the original!

…plus tonnes more ^^