Turner: “I’m not miserable. It’s just me face”.

Here’s a little confession: I have been monkeying around in the Arctic a little more than is healthy in the past week or so. You know why? Because I CAN’T WAIT FOR THAT MOTHERTRUCKER OF AN ALBUM TO BE RELEASED.

You may or may not recall one of my previous posts, in which I had slagged off two songs I’d heard from “Suck It And See”, Arctic Monkey’s soon-to-be-released newest release. I am not normally someone who says “I’ll take that back”…but I’m afraid I’ll have to take it right back. I TAKE IT ALL BACK. Forgive me, oh Turner, oh Helders, oh Cook and O’Malley. You have changed – yes; but not for the worse. Quite the opposite. I predict Suck It And See (album, not song) will be this summer’s indie classic.

Suck It And See - artwork.

Having now heard most of the tunes off the album, to be released on the 6th June, my heart gradually warms up to the slight changes in sound and lyrical content. Upon the initial listen of Brick By Brick, for instance, I thought, “Oh God D:”. Now, I am really starting to enjoy the somewhat rock-n-roll-y feel of it. Other songs are quite reminiscent of Humbug – such as “Black Treacle” or “She’s Thunderstorms” ; some even create a pleasing mixture of Humbug AND Favourite Worst Nightmare (“Library Pictures” – my first favourite off this upcoming album!). Really, the boys are on a roll. Turner’s imagination is flying sky-high here, I mean… “You’re rarer than a can of Dandelion & Burdock / and the other girls are just post-mix lemonade“. This perhaps isn’t the greatest example of his insane lyrical ability, but doesn’t it just make you smile? ^^

It’s amazing to see these former mischievous fluorescent adolescents grow into a bunch of young men who now produce music with musical content more mature than many “older” bands. However, don’t think that they have now evolved into senseless old gits; they still move people’s chairs! Rascals at heart.

Haven’t done one of these in a while as well, so here goes:

  (I’d tell you the Youtube links for the new songs, though I don’t fancy getting into any trouble as I really don’t think it should be on there yet, thus I don’t want to promote leaked material etc, if that makes any sense at all?)