[Download] More Love?

As much as I’d love to write another post complaining about the overload of revision that I am currently faced with, instead, I shall please all you freebie-fans with another bunch of downloads!

More Love? Sure.

Ever heard of More Amor? Yeah no, I didn’t think so. Here is a band whom it is very difficult to know any details about, apart from the fact that they hail from LA and produce beautifully-harmonized electronic-ish tracks that keep your ears in a state of tranquility…usually.

I think the way in which I found this duo was by Twitter – sometimes you’ve got to just love that little blue bird for tweeting you with bands you hadn’t heard of before! Anyway, here, have a listen to some tracks on their FB page.  There is one song I really like, which isn’t isn’t on their facebook:  “Miss Martyr“, one of their more upbeat tracks with a tinge of a dubsteppy element about 2/3’s of the way through (probably not for you hardcore dubsteppers though, this might be a bit too…- what’s the word? – light for you….)  – I had trouble finding “Miss Martyr” on YT, so I guess you have no choice but to trust my judgement ;D It can be found on More Amor’s free EP “Thanks?“,which you can download from HERE – YES, FREE GOOD MUSIC. What would you guys do without me…

Here is Young Hollywood, one I fell in love with upon the first listen ^^