She Burns Like THE SUN.

Having felt a little isolated from the Muse scene recently, I shall dedicate this post to this godly trio.

Holy Trinity

Tweeters will probably (hopefully!) have seen Chris Wolstenholme’s latest tweet, regarding the BS article in The Sun newspaper a couple of days ago – thank you Chris, we know you’re the most reliable source of information when it comes to all things Musey. Now, The Sun tends to be a silly newspaper for people who aren’t interested in the full story – apologies for any of you Sun readers, but truth is truth! Thus it is not surprising that they have completely sucked out all the “juicy” bits out of the supposed story of Bellamy stepping out of the band to spend time with his fiancé (whom I still disapprove of; Matt get a grip…). Read the full story HERE.

If you do fancy a bit of BS though, read the Sun’s version. 

It doesn’t take a megamusemaniac nor a genius (though the two are clearly synonymous :D) to realise that no such thing would even be plausible;  not in our lifetime. Of course, it is understandable that Matt will want to devote some time to his new family, but he would never leave his bro’s! I am, however, quite excited to hear what Chris may come up with in the future – after all, he shares a proportion of the vocals during concerts, so it is only fair that he gets to sing what he writes on a few tracks! Good luck, Wolstenholme! I still want your bass’ babies.

But whilst Muse is the topic of this post, I have to HAVE TO show you this! A slight er… contrast to Wembley! (No, it’s not Nirvana…)  

And a little mini-documentary, which made me smile (:

Keep on’ Musing!!