I’m Not Looking For a Holy Ghost!

After a long, hard week of hardcore partying and celebrating Matthew Bellamy’s birthday (not really, no) I make the long-awaited return to my blog, where an apology from me is in order! This baby needs to be fed or they’ll report me to the social internet services or something.

No reason for this delay in writing at all, though a lot has happened since I last wrote. Okay, perhaps that’s slightly exaggerated on my part but finishing all my exams is a big deal!! I am therefore over the moon to have most of those pointless subjects over and done with forever. I have also managed to get my greedy hands on Suck It And See (and if you’re nice to me I may even scribble a few sentences on how much justice it does/doesn’t do as a 4th album for those sexy monkeys); some White Lies tickets, a Radiohead EP which is exactly as old as I am (charity shops, GET IN) and er… an invitation to play something at this year’s summer shite-oiree at my school. Live audiences scare the hell out of me, thus I am strongly considering returning to my chicken roots.

I metioned White Lies. As a celebration of booking some tickets and generally being on a WL-high, I had a bit of  WL-fest a few days ago (i.e. listening to nothing else but them. Result: super depressed mood all day long!) and stumbled upon a couple of their music videos, which I hadn’t seen until that point. I was aware that “Strangers” was to be the second single off their second album “Ritual”; what I wasn’t aware of was the somewhat nauseating, deviant music video that accompanies it. (I advise against watching, but you may do so if you really want… The link is in one of my other posts).

Religion and money? Two enemies!

Holy Ghost” is the third (I think) single of that second album, with an equally incomprehensible music video at its side. A horse, children, divers, a battle, believers on a mountain and listening to the Holy Trinity #2 that is White Lies (#1 is Muse, ofc). Then a series of panning shots of beautiful mountains. Now, I am not into all that Bible malarkey, which perhaps is the reason for my not really understanding this video very well. The first “top comment” on Youtube says this:

“young boy….still learning,a vibrant like a horse

big guy…the power of youth,playing,dancing

man…..muscle,proving himself

getting old……desperate,thinking alot at the mountain…

met the ghost……made sins

ask for forgivness from his god….god is perfect, he created every thing”

If this sheds any light at all on the meaning of this song, fantastic. Another comment says this:

“I don’t think it’s meant to be cohesive, but much rather a collective of abstract ideas.” – this would make sense to me. Perhaps the video presents different aspects of life, connecting freedom, religion, beauty in the natural world, fighting etc, how it all exists simultaneously? I really have no idea; I won’t pretend to know what I’m talking about, because I really don’t! See for yourselves.