“Strangers” is strange.

I wonder whose number that is.

I love White Lies with all my heart (and possibly more). I understand that they can be difficult to understand. They stray from the “normal”. They sometimes don’t make sense. Or maybe they do; I am just too much of a simpleton to comprehend their outlandish messages.

I do love White Lies. I love “Strangers”, it’s one of the best tracks off Ritual. It’s the second single. My perception is that it talks about falling in love but it feeling completely out of place; as if the person who wrote the lyrics doesn’t understand how anybody could fall in love with them so easily? I don’t know.

“I held your hand while you were sleeping /the whole night you gripped to mine / a grip that begged me to stay. /

Is this how your limbs treat all strangers / with love and affection? / Then I feel weak and empty.
But… the music video? Seriously? No, SERIOUSLY? The most plausible description of it: a series of home-made horrendous-quality almost-pornographic clips that seem to focus on er… fetishes of all sorts. Oh and, occasionally, funny-angled clips of the trio doing what they do best. I really don’t know. White Lies, you are strange.

Click here to watch. If you really want to.