Lodged In The Mud.

It’s about time I wrote something.

Hi. My school has this supposedly nice tradition of holding a “Summer Soiree” annually, which is completely devoted to the arts: drama showcases, an art exhibition, performing music, the usual. It’s all great when you’re in the audience. Not so great when you’re bricking the show minutes before your performance, as you were practically bullied by your music teacher to play a piano piece. It’s not that I didn’t know it – Butterflies + Hurricanes has been my favourite piece for the past couple of years – I just DON’T play in front of any audiences. Ever. Not even my own mother. I’ll stick to having my own pair of ears as an audience; maybe a camera. Nothing more D:

But, in other more interesting news? Mud. Lots of mud. Bloody bucketloads of it. It can only be the Glastonbury weekend.

They're happy to be there. Honestly.

Not going to any festivals this year (nor probably the following year), I would personally do anything to be any one of those people sporting those high-fashion rainjackets, no joke! This year’s Glasto setlist includes the likes of U2, Coldplay, Beyonce (meh okay…), Crystal Castles, Laura Marling, Fleet Foxes etc (full schedule HERE).. Sounds like a pretty decent line-up, although personally… I’d rather find myself at Reading!

Festivals are such peculiar things. You pay shedloads of money for a wristband, you suffer the inconvenience of camping in a cramped tent for a whole weekend, a flushing toilet is a luxury, wellies become your #1 best friend – oh, and let’s not forget the traditional torrential downpours – all for the sake of seeing a few bands. Well, I can’t speak from experience, but it sounds like a blast!¬†Maybe one day I’ll go to a festival, who knows.

Speaking of Glastonbury; Muse’s 2004 show topped the “Glasto Best Ever Performance” poll, YEAHHH. It’s only fair for them to be winning polls such as these; as compensation of Dom’s father’s fatal heart attack right after the show… Well, at least that’s proof for Muse’s epicness; shame it had to end in a tragedy D’:

[EDIT: Chris Wolstenholme, what a legend :’) You know you won’t find HIM at Glasto!]

So… to sum this up: