So Don’t Blink – I said, Don’t Blink!!

Between my last post and today, this blog has reached 200o+ views!! :’D Exctiement! Thank you for making me reach this landmark, those of you who are interested in my pointless music-related-but-not-always blabberings. Today also made history for me, as I learnt how to make Italian coffee. Get in! It’s just a shame I happen to dislike it myself…

Anyway. I have FINALLY received my signed copy of Chameleon Circuit’s debut!!


This is a masterpiece and a half! Notable songs are definitely At Journey’s End, Exterminate Regenerate, Don’t Blink and obviously, An Awful lot Of Running. Some tracks admittedly sound a little on the unprofessional side, but what can you expect from a bunch of late teens! Overall, a well produced album with some of the most sense-making lyrics I’ve ever heard 😀 Although I suppose this opinion may be somewhat biased…. Dr Who ftw :’)

What else to write about today… I do not know. I’ll keep this short. I am also hoping that this blog isn’t turning too personal lately? Perhaps I should lay off the personal anecdotes to actually keep with the initial purpose of this blog – to write about music! Arrgh! I’m open for suggestions, guys!