Engineering is a White Lie.

So whilst a bunch of my friends had the chance to meet The Holy Trinity #2 (White Lies, that is) at their Coventry show and my boyfriend actually getting the chance to grab onto Harry McVeigh’s lovehandles (as opposed to mine :@), my brain had been on full override for the week at an engineering course at Cardiff university. It was great, thanks for asking. Apart from the awkwardness of admitting to my journalistic aspirations at a formal course dinner at the Millennium Centre filled with engineers of the future….

Left: Charles. Right: Harry.

But nevermind; my upset over my absence at the WL concert has been diminished by a little gift I received from the aforementioned McVeigh’s-waist-grabbing person. It is indeed a guitar pick, signed by Charles Cave and McVeigh themselves!!! :”””D That’s another object to add to my stash of WL-signed merchandise; clearly one album isn’t enough 😀

My excitement about seeing them at Wembley Arena in December is growing each passing day; though until then, I shall be hopelessly hoping for a free iTunes festival ticket – I say hopelessly, as so far my luck has been absent. iTunes clearly loves sending me emails about the gigs I never won the tickets to… What have I ever done wrong to you, iTunes!? Apologies for replacing you with Spotify. Please be nice to me.