25 Years of Q!

Guys guys guys! It’s difficult for me to believe that Q the magazine is older than myself and the average reader of this blog; 2011 marks its 25th birthday! If you’re a reader of the publication, you are probably already aware of this, though I shall utilize this blog to spread the word about this further. They are asking people to choose their top 25 influential artists of the last 25 years on their website – GO. DO. NOW. HERE! The winner is announced at the Q Awards on the 24th October 2011, so you still have lots of time left.

But don’t vote unless you put Muse or Radiohead up in the top 5 -____-

I’m pretty sure that if you’re over 18, you can also enter a prize draw where you stand a chance of winning a Blackberry. If that appeals.

So, uh, since this blog significantly lacks any sort of recent poll, I present you with one right here!