6th Studio Album for Muse – Yes Please!

Spider Dom!

Whilst taking a short breather from researching potential university choices (my heart is continuously torn between English literature, mathematics and music… Why can’t I do all three!!) – I come across THIS. YESSIR! Bellamy will have to pull his cotton socks together and leave his now-month-old baby with Kate and drag his arse down to the recording studio; I wonder how his current state of happiness will affect the songwriting? As I mentioned once earlier – despite this being a rather selfish/horrible thought, I realise – but I sort of wish he wasn’t quite as content with his life as he currently is and re-visited those Showbiz-esque tunes, rather than slumping out another Neutron Star Collision, if ya get my drift. But only time will tell!

A new album brings around the prospect of a tour to follow it, of course. So in a peculiar way, perhaps it won’t really matter if their 6th studio album is full of “I Belong To You”‘s just as long as there’s a string of gigs afterwards! I’m hungry for some live Musage.

Also, on a slightly random note: “Electric Feel” [MGMT] and “Houdini[Foster The People]– I have never accidentally heard two songs sounding so alike.