Let’s Kill Cowell and Hitler!

Why do all the shite TV shows start mid-August?

Now, I do realise I should be writing about music, so I do not know why I’m writing about the X-Factor, as every right-minded person is aware that it is not music. But with Cowell gone….who knows, maybe this show might have potential after all? Although I say that – obviously this is false hope, since a panel that consists of Louis Walsh, Kelly Rowland, Gary Barlow and – wait for it… – TULISA, does not sound promising. Not that there’s anything to promise.


Choosing not to follow the show this year, I must guiltily admit that I have regretfully already broken my promise regarding one audition: that of a certain Janet Devlin, whose name was plastered all over Twitter after her audition – apologies, but everyone’s reaction to her audition suggested that it might have been relatively bonerific. It wasn’t. Fine, the girl is good, better than most people I know! But X-Factor? Cool hair though.

With regards to all the other auditions, well…I have absolutely zilch to say. I am not going to waste my time watching the show/videos and I have no interest whatsoever in becoming yet another X-Factor gossiper among the flies trapped between cobwebs of the web.

Since we’re speaking about television though, GOOD NEWS! Guess WHO is back this Saturday ;D Let’s kill Hitler!!