What’s He Building In There? Shame on you, BBC3!!


Despite having a Reading Festival ticket all nice and ready for my personal use, I couldn’t experience it live due to one single sheer stupidity: parental logic – or lack of thereof. However, I did have the pleasure of BBC3-ing the MUSE set, as well as watching countless videos of other bands’ performances…. no, not quite the same as seeing them live. Life sucks.

One day.... I will own that beauty. (I mean both MB and the grand).

My initial reaction to BBC3 airing a delayed Muse set: “WHOOOPOWWWW”. After realising that I was only in time to hear Stockholm Syndrome onwards though, my spirits fell a little as it meant that I had missed OOS in its entirety! It was further aggravating that I soon found out that apparently the BBC, being the unseeming corporate monsters who only seem to care about showing the hits of the concert, had omitted 8 songs from Origin Of Symmetry!! 8!?!? THIS was the only reason I was going to watch the coverage on BB3 – as did thousands of others! And yet, the BBC chooses to cut out a major proportion of the otherwise historic set. I am appalled. So I complained.

Dear BBC,
You perhaps do not realise the scale of the crime that you have committed by not
broadcasting the full concert that Muse played at Reading last night (28.08.11).
Thousands of viewers - myself included - were eagerly anticipating a full
broadcast of a concert that would go down in the history of the fans as
unmissable; those thousands of fans were thus disappointed by your omitting
the major part of the set!
This pathetic act was then enhanced by a message on Twitter suggesting that the
band weren't ready to broadcast the 8 songs from the set that hadn't been played
for a number of years/won't be played again for time to come. Surely if the band
wasn't ready, they wouldn't have played those songs to thousands of the
festival attendees! 
I am deeply appalled by this, more so: disappointed. This was a performance we
all waited for, patiently. I expect BBC3 to present to those thousands of fans
a grammatically correct apology, preferably by more reputable means than the
likes of Twitter.
Let’s join forces (underground…)!! Make your complaints, and use this chance to be heard! TOGETHER WE’RE INVINCIBLE! 😀 https://www.bbc.co.uk/complaints/forms/
Although if you do want to watch the short-of-50-minutes stream (as opposed to the full 2-and-a-half-hours ><), watch it here. Not the full set obviously, but better quality than hearing it via my boyfriend’s phone, complete with death-provoking screeching of the New Born intro, courtesy of him and a few others. Oh don’t get me wrong, I am so glad BBC aired (parts of) the show! I just…wish that they had the decency to show the full concert. At least they showed the guitar smashing and thrashing the stage; pretty standard Bellamy behaviour tbh.
In other news, Florence has a new track! Sporting a Pete Doherty-inspired hat during the first clip of the following video, she plunges straight into her usual style song: haunting voices and harmonies, heavy drums in the latter part and just being a general Goddess. This woman is an angel, I swear.