A Different Kind Of Fix.

Mmm, brain broccoli.

Bombay Bicycle Club: a band whose sound travels through phases and experiments, thus resulting in an element of slight surprise with each new album. With “A Different Kind Of Fix”, the four boys bring along with them a somewhat more electronic timbre than we had heard in “I Had The Blues….“, and it is most certainly a change from the acoustic dippedydoos of the second album, “Flaws”. Having only listened to the new record twice or three times since its release on 29th August, I can already cast a very positive verdict: this is definitely my favourite BBC album.

The reason I say this is because despite both previous albums being brilliant standalone albums, I was never really drawn to their debut at the time of its release; Flaws was also an album that was definitely worthy of a listen but it just lacked that something – perhaps it was too calm, especially in contrast to I Had The Blues… . What A Different Kind Of Fix does is tie the two previous releases together with a ribbon of lightheartedness, lightheartedly dusted with melancholia and maturity. It brings back the guitars, yet leaves them hanging in the background rather than placing them centre-stage. The vocals are the usual sweet reverb-enhanced cry of uncertainty. Lyric-wise, the main focus of the record seems to be love, but a somewhat confusing love. Nevermind though, the boys have set up a little game of Pacman for us to enjoy instead… and we all love Pacman obviously, so give it a shot ;D

Anyway, the album. The first main single is “Shuffle“, which has a kind of pop-punk sort of jiggedy light rhythmic feel to it; definitely bringing back some I Had The Blues… rhythms. This track, along with “How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep”, provide us with a very accurate taste of what the album in full has to offer. And what it offers is, in my opinion, the best that we’ve seen of the bicycle club to date.

It’s just a shame that this may be yet another band to be engulfed by the Twilight generation.