This time last year… WEMBERRLEYY.

As the world approached the 10th year after 9/11 (or, as we here in Britain should call it: 11/9), I approached my one year anniversary of an indescribably major withdrawal symptom. A Post-Muse Withdrawal Symptom. Now, I recognise that the horrors of 9/11 shook the world and planted fear in the hearts of every American, but this is a music blog not a political debate. Thus, I will eventually get to the actual point of this post (which is to reminisce that indefinable night at Wembley Stadium), but not before sparing a thought for those whose lives were traumatised by the events of the same night but 9 years beforehand.

Now, Muse! Apologies for completely turning this site into a public outlet of my Muse rambles, but – who are we all kidding, did you not expect that? I’ll keep this short and sweet though; I only wanted to re-spark the memory of my first ever concert, which was for other fellow Musers, an equally magnificent night.  

Nirvana - Nevermind.

Also: Autumn 2011! Once more: an anniversary. As Nirvana-heads celebrate the 20th anniversary of their Bible-equivalent, it is perhaps the right time to pick up that legendary album with the controversial cover of a naked baby in water, and let out a little anger. Come onnnn. I wish I was around in 1991. Nevermind.


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