Velociraptor! I’ll pass.

Autumn/winter 2011 really IS the time for new releases, isn’t it? Some will be/are fantastic; others less so. And then there’s Kasabian.

I guess the iTunes chart doesn't agree with me.

Here’s a band that I personally have a split opinion about, which I can’t seem to change. On the one hand, some of their tunes are straight-on TURN UP THE SPEAKERS!! kind of tunes. On the other hand, some of their songs are of the straight-on OFF OFF OFF type. I’m afraid to say, but their newest release “Velociraptor!” – whose front artwork worryingly hints at a slight resemblance of a Swastika – is of the latter of those descriptions.

Let’s immerse ourselves in a pond of the past. When you’re a child and your favourite movie’s sequel is soon to be released, let’s say Shrek, there’s a whole load of hype from every direction. Upon its release, the excited mini you cannot still sit on the sofa as you will the plot to unfold faster, to make you laugh. But a wave, followed by a tsunami of disappointment washes over you and you can’t help but wish that you never got yourself so worked up about the new release in the first place.

This exactly how I feel about “Velociraptor!”.

I can’t even give constructive criticism about Kasabian’s latest disappointing album (out yesterday). It’s a mildly interesting mix of their usual electro-Turkish-alternative sounds – wow, it’s probably an overstatement to even call it interesting. The guys made sure there was a lot of hype surrounding it, saying it’s going to be “It’s heavy as f**k.”. Heavy it may be… on the lack of seasoning in this otherwise bland duck sauce. Which I also dislike.

Now, don’t get me wrong – I generally like Kasabian; many agree that their songs are some of the most decent in the 21st century. With each new album, they opt out of their safe zone and seem to score closer to the bullseye. Their self-titled debut had a couple of memorable songs; Empire was a vast improvement; West Ryder…. was pure ace. Velociraptor seems like a step back in comparison to its predecessors – even the title track, nor the album’s leading single (Switchblade Smiles) grab my attention. The second of those though, admittedly, has some nice bass from the very start. I must say though, Re-Wired is one of the only tracks that I reckon would be worth buying. But who knows, maybe Velociraptor will be one of those albums that will take a year or two to grow on you.

But for the time being, I shrug my shoulders and say: Sorry guys, you just didn’t do it for me this time.