Oh, Daughter.

I’ve realised I haven’t posted any new music as of late. I shall do so right away. If you are reading this blog, I would hope that you appreciate beautiful music as much as I do.

Beautiful music and artists, who create it. Today, I shall introduce you to the charming Elena Tonra, aka Daughter – a seemingly timid 21 year old who speaks her heart through her acoustic guitar-driven melodies and lyrics containing recurring evidence of pain. True, the same could be said about thousands of (female) singer-songwriters out there; though Daughter has that spark that is set to ignite the acoustic music scene soon due to the soft but haunting vocals and tender strumming of those guitarstrings. Or heartstrings, depending of your perception of this gentle creature.

“Love”, from the upcoming EP The Wild Youth, out on the 21st November.You can download this song here.

Daughter already has a debut release up her sleeve – His Young Heart EPreleased earlier on this year, and she is ploughing on through with her second one due later on this year. Definitely worth getting into, if you are a fan of pleasantly haunting melodies written by underrated artists deserving of recognition.

The facebook; the Twitter; the bandcamp.