The Versatile Blogger Awards?

Even if you aren’t a blogger yourself, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if you have previously heard about the Versatile Blogger Award; this chain-award spreads faster than, uh… butter on hot toast. But, just under a year ago, before I was into all of this blogging malarkey, I would not have imagined my ramblings would be interesting enough to gather the handful of readers that they have; let alone allow me to be nominated for an award of any kind… Yu mad?! Even if it’s a silly inter-blogger equivalent of a chain letter.

I do, however, hand my bunch of thanks to Jamie K from Music On The Mind, who was kind enough to give my rather unorganised pile of posts some unexpected recognition! Mr Kendrick’s blog will quickly find itself among your favourites, especially if you have a soft spot for scratchy guitar music, Boris Johnson, bands you probably hadn’t heard of (a music explorer’s heaven!) – all described in a high quality, fluent manner of writing. Besides, Jamie is a fan of Arctic Monkeys, thus already scoring high on the blog-o-meter!

So… this award. I hear the rules are as follows:

  1. Thank and link to the person who nominated you.
  2. Share seven random facts about yourself.
  3. Pass the award on to 5-7 deserving blogging buddies.
  4. Contact those buddies to congratulate them!
7 random facts!? This would take me forever, and chances are you are as interested in random facts about me as you are interested in watching paint dry. I may write them towards the end of the post if I squeeze the sponge that is my brain and manage to extract mildly interesting droplets of my otherwise unfascinating self.
Now… the next nominees, of whom I only apparently need 5-7, though the actual Versatile Blogger Award page says I need to nominate 15. 15!? Hell, who can be up to date with 15 blogs worthy of nomination!? I guess for now I shall simply list the few that I believe deserve it; perhaps this list will be expanded one unlikely day…
Firstly, a blog I stumbled upon by chance and have remained a faithful follower since, due to Natalia’s entertaining and informative views on everything Muse, but also the likes of Jeff Buckley and Rage Against The Machine. Random Musings Of A Curious Mind is a whole Muse library of videos, interviews and whatever else you may find. Heaven.
Another one, though this particular lady will most likely shun me for being yet another subscriber to ‘nominate’ her blog for such an award (though this fact alone proves the point), is The Jackie Blog. It’s a strange thing, how with every post you find you can relate to the life of someone you have never met before! And ‘Lollipop Tuesdays’, where she decided to try out something completely new – the likes of competing in pinball championships or public rapping – and records these experiences on the blog, in a fashion so entertaining you wonder where she gets her inspiration from!
Now, I dont know how recent these nominees have to be, but I wish both Cein and Elise would continue with their blogs full of random nonsense poetry, Pokémon obsessions and general crap. I loved your babblings, guys. Come back!
7 facts, if you’re so curious..:
1. After endless hours of practice, I CAN finally say the alphabet backwards.
2. All those years ago, I found out I failed my 11+ test on my 11th birthday. It was the most depressing birthday of my life.
3. This summer, Hannah Murray (you may or may not know her as Cassie from Skins) used the same toilet seat as me. Straight after me.
4. I haven’t yet been in the standing area at a concert. I haven’t lived.
5. My bookshelf currently stands at just short of 70 fiction books and 70 music albums. Need…..more….
6. Bells, the piano I named after Mr MJ Bellamy, is the most beautiful Clavinova I have ever laid my eyes upon. Careful though, she bites. Hard.
7. My obsession with Italy is abnormal. When I’m all wrinkly and frail, you’ll find me in a cosy little village, sipping a cup of peppermint tea and dancing among a family of cats.
Cheers 😀
Here, have a lemon.