Q Awards 2011 + Poll Results!

Hey there! This will be quick. I apologise.

So.. the Q Awards! Let’s start with the award of The Greatest Act Of The Last 25 Years – the one I personally was the most interested in! It was scooped up by no other than U2, who truly deserve this for their outstanding contribution to the world of music over said period of time! Funnily enough though, this result doesn’t quite match my poll, in which you guys were asked to cast your votes. I can tell you now that the results are as follows:

I'm sure my mum would be thrilled to be nominated ;D

Okay yes: the top 2 results may seem suspicious, seeing as I am both a Musemaniac and a Radiohead-er, but I promise you with my hand over my heart that I had only 5 votes myself, just like you guys did 😀

Winners of Q25! GO IRELAND.

Other awards included Best Act In The World Today: Coldplay (….. no comment.); Q Next Big Thing: Lana Del Rey (I am in total agreement!); Q Classic Song: Chasing Cars (Snow Patrol) (<3); and Q Hall of Fame: Queen.

But seeing as I am really strapped for time here (I still need to pack for my trip to Poland; flying out tonight!), I shall wrap this post up and congratulate all the winners, as well as expressing my thanks for voting in my silly little poll – which, by the way, gathered 73 votes! Success ;D