Noisetrade – A hipster’s heaven.

I am an absolute weakling for new music.

Obviously, there are things in everyone’s music collections which will forever remain favourites. But do you ever feel that twang of delight upon discovering a new artist, adding an EP to your collection and thinking “Ahh – another gem discovered!”. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that feeling – providing you are not one of THEM(No, I am not – and will never be – another member of the hipster species.)

That feeling of delight is doubled – if not tripled – when you accidentally discover a whole site hosting a whole load of yet-undiscovered artists, posting their music to get heard! (The last bracketed text has now been contradicted by this last sentence… oh dear. I promise you, I merely find happiness when expanding my music library :3). Noisetrade is a good place to start.

A couple of artists I picked up from there were the Berlin quartet Alphacloud (whose ‘Paper Monsters‘ I had to repeat quite a few times), and also Attack Flamingo (‘Burning‘ was one of their standout tracks).

Past Forward - don't expect a female singer.

Alphacloud’s sound is quite versatile; their March-released EP ‘Past Forward‘ seems to have a great mixture of tranquil and more upbeat tracks. Check them out!

Enough of my hipstery rants though; next time I write, I suspect I shall write about Florence’s new release – out on Monday! Excitement!! Stay tuned 😀