Florence + The Machine has a right for ceremony!

It’s hard to dance, with the devil on your back, so shake him off!

The fiery redhead strikes again. This time round, she completely blows you off your feet and teleports you into the mysterious world of Flo where everything is surrounded by water; where the most peaceful feeling in the world is the envelopment by something – anything. “Lay me down, let the only sound be the overflow”, she sings. How one can be so at peace with the idea of drowning boggles my mind to shreds.

Perhaps saying that “Ceremonials” is already up there with the best releases of 2011 may be slightly biased coming from me – I won’t deny this. However, only 4 days after the release (31.10.11), it is already clear as day how deep this record is. “To me, this album is like a battlecry“, Florence Welch says. “People thought I might be coming back with something more ethereal and twinkly; I wanted to come back with something tough and heavier”. [Original article].

It is often said that the second album tends to be the weakest; but in this case, the sound of ‘Ceremonials’ meets – if not exceeds – the peaking standards of ‘Lungs’, the band’s debut release. The first three singles (“What The Water Gave Me“; “Shake It Out”; “No Light, No Light”), only give us a mere taster of what to expect from this magnificent record; and a lot can be expected indeed.

The tribal beats of “Heartlines” had me dancing like a lunatic around my living room. “Seven Devils” had me surrendering to the somewhat creepy dissonances and heavy, slow beat. “Spectrum” made me feel like a vocal imbecile… how could anyone sing the chorus without sounding like an off-tune gremlin? Florence can. And “No Light, No Light” is definitely my personal favourite. Why? Because it’s so different. No, wait – scrap that. All their songs are different. What I love about Florence + The Machine is their unique sound, something they’re not afraid to experiment with and something that, sadly, most of today’s artists lack.

I’ll leave you with an absolutely flawless performance of No Light, No Light. This is why I adore this woman.