Calling all Basement People to the Cinema with Two Doors. Club.

Our favourite Irish trio returns.

Two Door Cinema Club have recently announced a UK tour! Once again, they will grace venues all around the UK, so be sure to catch tickets before they are all clasped by a herd of basement people, i.e. the hungry fans. I sure won’t let this opportunity pass me by!

If you haven’t heard of these guys… Have you spent the last 2 years of your life hiding under a pile of soundproof bricks? The band – a bunch of seemingly shy, nerdy young adults – have been gathering fame like mad. Last year’s debut, Tourist History, has had youngsters all over the country feel the guitar-led energetic vibes go right through them, something many of today’s indie bands fail to do. They also stole the #5 spot on my “Top 10 albums of 2010” list. And one of them is a handsome ginger? No way.

And no, TDCC aren’t just another s**t indie band. They are the absolute motherlovin’ s**t!

One of my personal favourites:

And of course, a classic!


It absolutely melts my heart into a puddle when one of my favourite artists cover another one of my favourite artists ^^