Good cause, lousy music.

The spirit around this time of year, every year, is utterly incredible. Looking at the total raised for this year’s Children In Need, the thought of a national recession would not have even crossed your mind! What’s that I hear? Over £26 million? Unthinkable! I absolutely adore this event and the scale of how much effort is put into it, how almost everybody in the country gets involved, how it’s acceptable to go to school in PJs, how it’s one of the only times in the year when it’s acceptable to go completely mental and do something crazy, for charity. And of course, we must not forget the fundamental idea of this whole charity – to help children that are in need. Say hello to Captain Obvious right there.

The one thing that bothers me about CIN though – especially 2011 and 2010! – is the awful, awful music; the so-known “charity single”. Previous years include the likes of Girls Aloud, Emma Bunton, Spice Girls… need I carry this rather offensive list on? Tough cookie; I’m afraid I must. 2010 saw JLS represent the charity through another one of their abhorrent tracks, whilst 2011 gave us “the Collective“. Something like a failed attempt at the re-creation of Band Aid, attempting but failing to re-create Massive Attack’s “Teardrop“.

This is, of course the original. Beautiful, beautiful song.

This is, unfortunately, its ruined version.

I’m sorry. I realise it’s for charity, we should all go out and buy the single blah blah blah. But how can we, when it has been mutilated beyond recognition through some off-beat, tasteless rapping and general cringeworthiness? The annual CIN charity single seems to mirror the constantly decreasing quality of mainstream music, year in, year out. How great would it have been to have someone like Newton Faulkner do justice to this beautiful song instead?


This made me chuckle :’) I want to kidnap Karen and hug her forever! :’D