Lana Del Rey and I, we were born to die.

Having completely and despicably neglected this blog for various reasons and for a substantial amount of time, I return just in time to make a hasty report on Lana Del Rey’s upcoming single which goes by the name of “Born To Die”. I have never had more mixed feelings about a single song than I do right now.

source: Google images

Until 23rd Januray 2012, the following video will remain a barely moving picture of a topless Lana and a topless hunk, until the official video is released – and watch out guys, it has been rumoured that it contains a tiger! But I digress. What I really meant to say about this song is that despite my initial bitter bite of it, its flavour gradually seeps through as you listen to the song more and more, and yes – it will grow on you. What at first glance may seem like a bored, flat voice, soon transforms into magical nectar ready to be gobbled up by your ears. Of course, Videogames is a tough cookie to beat and Born To Die isn’t perhaps as haunting or gripping as its older sibling; nonetheless it had me hitting the replay button mercilessly. Yes, it takes a bit of listening to in order to warm up to it, but this a prime example of chillaxation music. Lana does it to us again.