Top 11 Of 2011!

It’s that time of year again, guys! I love December, I absolutely adore it with all my heart. Strange, but I really quite like the cold! However, just to return to the main theme of this blog, I must mention that December is also a great time to reflect on all the albums and singles and whatnots that have been released over the past year. Remember Top 10 of 2010? Oh who am I kidding, you probably don’t. Either way, this year I shall be running a very similar kind of “awards”; only with a minor twist to jazz up our lives. It will be… Top 11 of 2011! See what I did there?

Comment on this post or tweet me about suggestions of which ALBUMS and SINGLES should be mentioned in the poll, which I will open for voting on the 14th of December – just as a little anniversary thing, seeing as I opened last year’s poll on that very day. Oh how time flies…

How jazzy is that!?